Organic birthday bash // Malaga Nov 2010

Come join us celebrating Niko’s birthday with this full on line-up and a weekend in the old vineyard Martinez … 26th-29th of November, Lagar Martínez, Parque Natural de los Montes de Málaga (Málaga)

Organic party, Saturday 00:00 midnight – Sunday 05:00 afternoon – entrance for the party only is 10€

Giles Smith (Secret Sundaze, Dessous Rec.-London)
Koljah (Vidab, Organic-Berlin)
Medu live (Tip Tap Rec., Seta-Granada)
Egoshooter (HochDieTassen-Berlin)
Slz live (Organic / Titbit)
Anthony Muirhead (Ongo Satelite, Avenue Entertainment)
Sikha (Organic-London)
Dudster (Organic, Tip Tap Rec.-France)
M.Thorn (Organic, Golden Gate -Berlin)
Moruki (Organic-Malaga)
Alvaro Muñoz (Organic-Malaga)

Cost share:
Everybody pays 100€ for 3 days accomodation in the Villa (incl. the pass for the Saturday and Sunday party). Money must be payed 1 week before the party (at the latest), making a paypal transfer to the following mail : (indicating your full name and the dates you will be staying)

The villa is about 20km from the airport of Malaga (AGP). You can all post your arrival and departure time on our facebook page if you wish to organize cab or car rental share…

How to get there / Cómo llegar