Testing Grounds EP (ORG001-d)

Finally our collective is ready to put out the first release Testing Grounds EP on our Organic imprint. It will be available as a digital only release on all good online platforms from 9th of March 2011. 
Thanks to everyone for all the support we received over last years and to our dear artists!

Stream the full EP on Soundcloud:

Testing Grounds EP by Organic-Music

Aldo BRIONNE – Wisdom

The real French delicacy is the perfect opening of the EP. Organic loves Aldo’s production. It is a classy deep house in its best sense. This is the track you can play in a club, bar or at home. It is layered nicely and flows almost invisibly through time with ambient Rhodes chords vibrating in rhythm with the beat and slightly Acidic bass line makes the EP’s French appetizer proper introduction to the release. The interesting synth-brass section introduced after the breakdown which Aldo wisely sneaks in through the filtered and delayed layers as a final stroke gives the track its complete smooth twist. This is masterfully executed sexy piece of music with wisdom.

Medu – Jazzy Friday

Medu is renowned for his infective Live sets. Jazzy Friday does not disappoint with its mixture of deep funky tech feel. Basically it has all the goodness in the right proportions. Repetitive bass line counterbalanced with the clever keyboard part gives the track its restless and moving quality. Percussion parts are always very interesting in Medu’s productions as he often plays them live and here as well they have a very organic, human character. Overall the track flows very elegantly and demands more listening. With the vocal sample which sums up its mood as intriguing and sexy Jazzy Friday is a good piece to drop on the already warmed up crowd. It is positive as well as pushy which makes it versatile in any DJ’s arsenal.

Ballesteros y Aspec – Encuentro

This slightly darker track is based on melodic percussion and soft deep bass rumble. With its confident intro and a nice sharp snare fill it evolves slowly and elegantly with a deep brass section which straightaway relaxes and you know you are in for a nice and a safe journey. Then there is this slow build-up cleverly executed using the high-hat snare interplay and vocal sample snippets. Slight tension on the background created by the filtered brass section in momentarily relieved with unexpected snare/tom phrases and a subtle pad humming creeps in. The track is simple at the first look but it has a lot of nice elements hidden in its textures which you discover slowly. Breakdown is treated with the live style drum solo accurately and passionately executed which takes you back into the deep soft ambience of the second part and the end which after all that variety is a bit painful and make you to go to the start and listen to it all over again.